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At Arundell Cavaliers in Victoria, we strive for excellence in Cavalier King Charles Spaniels in top health. We are long-established reputable breeders specialising in two solid colours, Ruby and Black and Tan Cavaliers. Our pups are pure-bred, pedigreed and registered with the Victorian Canine Association.

Pups, parents, and grandparents live with us here in the country with plenty of room to run around. They are fed premium quality food and microchipped, vaccinated, and wormed. Our pups are raised at the centre of family life, so they become confident and extremely well socialised. They run around outside on the farm, and develop a great sense of play and fun.

Our pups are placed with families all over Australia, as show dogs for our breed, affectionate family pets, loving companion dogs for the disabled and elderly. Transporting our pups interstate with reliable pet transport companies is a popular option with our families.

We will be happy working with you to find the perfect Cavalier for your family. Enquiries are welcome on our website and by email at  Recent photos are always available.

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