Arundell  Cavalier  King Charles Spaniels

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Welcome to 'Arundell' Cavalier King Charles Spaniels

Over the last couple of decades we are proud to have become one of Australia's Registered Breeders of quality Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. 

We are an experienced and long-time breeder. We specialise in health, and the two whole colours; Ruby, and Black & Tan. 

Our Cavaliers live with us here in Greater Geelong as precious and treasured members of our family.

Our adult dogs are top quality Cavalier King Charles Spaniels with pedigree papers on Main Register. They are full whole colours with excellent health, beautiful faces, excellent conformation, and are all well socialised. We take the health and happiness of our companions very seriously. Our adult dogs are heart certified by a specialist Canine Cardiologist annually, regularly vet checked and groomed, and full DNA profiled by Orivet Labs. 

All of our pups come with pedigree papers so that you can keep track of the health and family history of the dog. 

Pups, their both parents, and some grandparents live with us here in the country, get frequent regular exercise and are in excellent health. 

Our pups are raised at the centre of family life, surrounded by children, cats, poultry and lots of noise - so they become confident and extremely well socialised. They run around inside and outside on our cottage farm outside Geelong, and develop a great sense of play and fun but love snuggling on the couch or bed at night.

Our pups are vet examined, vaccinated, microchipped, wormed, and have started their house training. All our pups come from incredibly strong, healthy, beautiful and well-socialised lineage. We have spent years upon years carefully planning and pairing our best dogs to create Arundell Cavaliers, in our effort to improve the wonderful breed. 

Our pups are placed with families all over Australia, as competition show dogs for our breed, as companion dogs for the disabled and elderly, and as wonderful family pets. Our families often transport our pups across Australia with a few reliable pet transport door-to-door options. 

We breed only for the quality of the dogs and to improve the breed. We do not overbreed, and, as such, only have a few litters a year, sometimes less. Our dogs breed only a few times throughout their lives, and the litters are spread out over a certain number of years, as per Dogs Victoria's Registered Breeder Code of Ethics.

Over the last decade we have also been researching and writing a book on the breed of Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, which is currently being edited and will be published and available soon. If you would like a copy when it is available, please let us know.

We are extremely careful to ensure that Arundell pups go to loving families where they will be cherished for a lifetime. 

Likewise, if you are a breeder or dog shower looking for a new companion, please get in contact via the application form.

To enquire about a new pup or to be added to our Wait List, please contact us via the Application Form. We will get back to you as soon as possible with current wait times and can let you know when we are next expecting a litter.