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He's so full of love ... as we are for him! He's changed our whole lives! The vet is rapt with his growth and his eyes, knees, ears, heart and everything is perfect. He's a confident and happy fellow. He loves the car but I am getting a harness as he occasionally wants to get on my lap! He sleeps on me from 8pm until his bed time at 9. That hour of cuddles is our favourite time of day! It's been wonderful being home with him. His favourite spot is sleeping inside my dressing gown. He loves to play with his Ted and other toys and he fetches, drops and sits. Toilet training is great. He's soooooo smart ... and he listens. LC, 2016

He is doing really well. Such a funny little boy with lots of love to give. KR, 2016

She is the best behaved puppy I have ever had. She is so sweet. She has settled in very well and very much loved. She enjoys being in the car, we travel a lot and she is a great traveller. She loves my Grandchildren and my two old dogs and the lounge is her favourite spot. AH, 2015

My parents adore him. They both couldn't get over how sweet natured he is. Dad and he fell asleep in the sun together. They're both very excited to have him join the family. CB, 2015

It has been such a pleasant experience dealing with you. You really do provide a very professional service and we will definitely recommend you to our friends. AC, 2015

Oh she is so smart and very loving. I can't imagine life without her now. We go for a romp every morning, freezing or not, and she just loves it. It's a pleasure to bathe her, or should I say that we both get wet. Again thank you for my friend. BB, 2015

He is doing so well. Growing like a weed and learning lots. We love him to bits :) EL, 2013

Thanks Susan. He has a beautiful coat and nature to go with it. He is charming everyone he meets and just laps up all the attention. LW, 2015

I can't begin to tell you how much joy he has brought to us both and our whole family has fallen in love with him. My parents have shown signs of interest in getting a Cavalier after all these years without a dog. He has been a great little addition to our place. MT, 2012

He is fantastic and has already become the ‘love dog” for the local coffee shop where my last Cavalier is so fondly remembered. He is having a great time and we are enjoying him immensely. All thanks to you. BD, 2012

He has grown up to be a beautiful dog. He has an exceptional personality and loves going for walks and runs. CS, 2012

She is a beautiful dog and has a great nature. She is very accepting of being smothered with affection from the kids. We have taken her to my parents place in the country a couple of times and she travels wonderfully in the car – sleeps most of the way for four hours. HF, 2011

We have managed to teach him how to use a doggy door and as of yesterday he hasn't had an accident inside the house. He has been going outside through his door! so we are thrilled with that. He's also excellent with our daughter. You were right about him being loving. He jumped on my lap straight away. It feels like we've known him forever. Thanks also for your excellent communication with us. ID, 2010

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